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We are Sallie and Paolo, and we live in Marano Vicentino in the province of Vicenza, Italy, with our Havanese dogs, a PBGV female dog and three cats.
Our love for the Havanese started when Cookie, a female Austrian puppy, arrived in 2009. We were ragdoll cat breeders, and when the families were visting us for our cats and their kittens, Cookie was so full of compliments towards them, that at times they would have taken a puppy like Cookie rather than the ragdoll kitten they had chosen.
So in 2010 we started with Cookie and Patchy, and today our community has got three males and various females, with quite a few litters throughout the years.
They are exceptional dogs. In reality ALL dogs are exceptional, but we humans do not always realize that, and often our wrong behaviour towards them creates character unbalances which then we humans define as 'nasty', 'dangerous', or 'an aggressive breed'.
The dog on the picture nearby is Asterix, a male of Cookie's and Patchy's first litter. He is a special dog, and he is carrying out a great pet-therapy job in the United Kingdom.
You are welcome on our website. For any question or comment please contact us at the e-mail address that you can find under 'contacts'.


Sallie and Paolo

Sweetelite di Camerano Paolo - Via Prole, 36 - 6035 Marano Vicentino c.f. CMRPLA456M14A952S p.iva 03839910241
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